15 azaroa, 2015

Berria egunkaria, Anil Markandya «Bideari ekin diogu; lorpen handia da hori niretzat»

Anil Markandya. IPCCko zientzialaria eta BC3ko Zuzendari Zientifikoak Berria Egunkariarekin jardun da solasean COP21 aren gainean Parisko akordioarekin baikor agertu bada ere, Markandyak ohartarazi du hitzemandakoa baino gehiago egin beharko dutela herrialdeek helburua betetzeko: bi graduak ez gainditzea.
9 abendua, 2015

Prof. Markandya addresses a lecture at COP21

Prof. Markandya #COP21 consider how to unlock more climate finance for developing countries, in particular for adaptation, and what role the Green Climate Fund can play.
9 abendua, 2015

Dr. Ibon Galarraga (BC3) will contribute to the Side Event organized by IC4E at COP21

The Side-Event is organized under the title of "Adaptation to climate change : levers, barriers and funding at the urban level". Dr. Galarraga will offer the following speak "Revisiting the damages and the adaptation needs of major coastal cities in the world in the light of uncertainties and risks”.
12 abendua, 2015

BC3 Side Event at COP21 “Regions and Climate Change: A major challenge for local communities”

Adaptation policies require a high degree of consensus and reconciliation between the different levels of governance that operate in the same region. In the design and implementation of regional strategies of adaptation, in addition to the "vertical" coordination between different levels of territorial government,...

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