13 abendua, 2015

“Paris Climate Agreement”, by Prof. Anil Markandya

The Climate Agreement just reached in Paris is a remarkable achievement. 195 countries, representing almost more than 95 percent of the world’s emissions have acknowledged the need to keep global temperatures "well below" 2.0C and "endeavour to limit" then even more, to 1.5C by the end of this century.
14 abendua, 2015

Claves tras la Cumbre de Paris, Dr. Ibon Galarraga en la Mecánica del Caracol

El Dr.Ibon Galarraga, investigador de BC3, repasa los compromisos contra el cambio climático adoptados en París con Eva Caballero en el programa radiofónico La Mecánica del Caracol.
14 abendua, 2015

COP21: ARC3.2 Summary for City Leaders

The Urban CARC3.2 SCL Cover Pagelimate Change Research Network (UCCRN) released the Summary for City Leaders of the Second UCCRN Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities (ARC3.2) at the COP21 Climate Summit for Local Leaders in Paris City Hall on December 4, 2015.
29 urtarrila, 2016

Parisko hitzarmena: Karbonoaren ekonomiaren amaieraren hasiera

BC3 Policy Briefing Berria[2016-01] "Parisko hitzarmena: Karbonoaren ekonomiaren amaieraren hasiera "

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