28 iraila, 2023

Travelling beyond words: Visual language in participatory research in the Mar Menor lagoon

Shared Dialogues is a transdisciplinary project which explores participatory and artistic tools to collectively reflect on how people experience environmental loss and conflicts in relation to the eutrophication of the Mar Menor lagoon.
20 iraila, 2023

“Leveraging Nature’s Values for Transformative Change: Insights from the IPBES Values Assessment”

There is a need for transformative change to address the nature crisis, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and incorporating diverse values of nature into decision-making processes.
15 iraila, 2023

Congratulations to new BC3 PhD graduate Nicolás González Santacruz

Dr Nicolás González Santacruz graduated with a thesis entitled “Exploring the impact of impurities in the high mountain cryosphere: Effects on the seasonal snowpack (Karakoram Range, Pakistan) and on the glacier ice microstructure (Monte Perdido Glacier, Spain)” today at Faculty of Science and Technology (UPV/EHU).
6 iraila, 2023

Alba Marquez: “Data-driven approach holds significant promise for managing landscapes and preventing wildfires”

Wildfires, while being a crucial factor in landscape transformation and vegetation succession, also pose significant threats to socio-ecological values. Sicily, Italy, has been a witness to the impact of wildfires on its delicate ecosystems.
17 abuztua, 2023

Ecosystem services and the “luxury and legacy effects”

Researchers from BC3, ICTA-UAB, Aarhus University, and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) conducted a study in Vitoria Gasteiz City examining how socio-economic factors and historical management practices influence urban biodiversity, vegetation cover, and ecosystem services.
16 abuztua, 2023

Releasing BC3’s 2022 annual report

Transdisciplinary research integrates knowledge through active collaboration across academic disciplines and with non-academic stakeholders. Being a transdisciplinary researcher implies more than raising awareness through scientific evidence, it is a unique approach to engaging with different ways of knowing the world and generating new knowledge to address societal challenges.
9 abuztua, 2023

“Balioen krisi” batean oinarritzen da bioaniztasun- eta klima-larrialdia

Mundu osoan, jendeak erabilera ekonomikotik harago doazen askotariko modutan eta modu sakonetan hartzen du aintzat natura. Alabaina, jendeak naturarekin harremanetan jartzeko erabiltzen dituen askotariko modu horiek ez dira behar bezala islatzen hartzen diren erabaki politiko eta ekonomiko garrantzitsuenetan. Nature-n argitaratutako ikerketa berri baten arabera, naturaren gutxiespen hori gaur egungo ingurumen-krisiaren oinarria da
31 uztaila, 2023

BC3’s scientific director María José Sanz is appointed member of the Task Force Bureau on National Greenhouse Gas Inventories of the IPCC

María José Sanz, BC3’s scientific director, has been elected member of the IPCC’s Task Force Bureau on National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (TFI) for the next assessment cycle. Nominated by the Spanish Government, María José Sanz was elected to form part of the TFI. BC3’s scientific director is the second Spaniard to form part of the IPCC Bureau.
10 uztaila, 2023

Discussing soil security at GSS2023

On June 26-29, the 4th Global Soil Security Conference 2023 (GSS2023) was celebrated in Seoul, Korea, with the theme ‘Global Soil Security: Beyond the Soil (BTS)’. The event, hosted by the Korean Society of Soil Science and Fertilizer (KSSSF), reunited 192 presentations and over 260 delegates from 24 countries to discuss how sustainable soil management is needed for solving humanity and planetary existential challenges.
7 uztaila, 2023

Congratulations to new BC3 PhD graduate Freddy Eliseo Michel Portugal

Dr Freddy Eliseo Michel Portugal graduated with a thesis entitled “Climate Change and Traditional/Ancestral Resilience of Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon ” today at the Faculty of Science and Technology (UPV/EHU). Michel’s thesis has been supervised by Professor Sérgio H. Faria Ikerbasque researcher at BC3).