March 27, 2020

BC3 Joins WWF “Earth Hour” worldwide initiative against climate change

BC3-Basque Centre for Climate Change joins the world’s largest movement against climate change and biodiversity loss, Earth Hour. This Saturday, March 28, the workers of joined us to launch in Morse code from windows and balconies using your phone’s flashlight or another one you have at home.
March 24, 2020

New research indicates that full recovery of degraded ecosystems can last for centuries

Research published in the scientific journal Ecosistemas de la Asociación Española de Ecología Terrestre shows that temperate forests that have been conserved for more than 100 years after suffering centuries of human activity have not yet been fully recovered, a longer period than previously estimated. In the words of the authors of this study, “at first sight a forest that has many trees and other plants may seem recovered, but in addition to that, the trees, fungi and other species present must interact and this may even require centuries“.
March 16, 2020

COVID19 – Important information

Given the exceptional situation caused by the Coronavirus (COVID19), all BC3 on-site services are suspended. Among them, the face-to-face service, meetings, seminars, activities, etc. At BC3 we have put in place preventive measures to preserve everyone's health. We continue to work with this new established protocol. We remind you for any need you can contact us by email or by phone 94 401 46 90 during the following hours
March 9, 2020

BC3 accepted the challenge of ReActívate + initiative

BC3- Basque Centre for Climate Change, as a research centre for the causes and consequences of Climate Change, has acceded to take part at ReActívate + initiative promoted by the Bizkaia Provincial Council. The initiative is based on the commitment to the Global Action Plan (GAP), an international network created with the objective of reducing CO2 emissions, and helping to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This initiative aims to make 180,000 households change their habits in daily activities to: reduce household expenses, reduce the impact we produce on the planet and improve the quality of life of the place where we live.
March 2, 2020

BC3, Basque Center for Climate Change, “Bilbao Radio Award for Excellence in Research Category” 2020

Awards for Excellence will recognize in their fourth edition the good work of many personalities in the basque territory.  BC3, Basque Center for Climate Change has been one of the entities awarded with an award for Excellence by Radio Bilbao (Cadena SER), in this case for research excellence. The awards, which will be presented on March 24 at an event to be held at the Euskalduna Palace, will be received by the Scientific Director of BC3, Maria José Sanz. BC3 obtains the award thanks to its multidisciplinary centre profile to investigate the causes and consequences of climate change.This award is a recognition to all the professionals who work at BC3, Basque Center for Climate Change and, on their behalf thank you very much Radio Bilbao for recognizing our research work. Also, we will like to congratulate the rest of the winners.
January 13, 2020

BC3 launches the 11th edition of the “Training Caravan – Ikertzaileak Gelan” initiative with the collaboration of the Basque Government

The Ministry of Education of the Basque Government and BC3, jointly organize the “Training Caravan – Ikertzaileak Gelan” initiative that has been active since 2010. This initiative (11th edition this year) is organized under the BC3 Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Programme Framework. The aim the Training Caravan initiative, underpinned by the Science Education thematic area of BC3´s RRI Science Education, is to provide evidence(science)-based answers to some central questions about climate change, drawing on the best current scientific understanding and at the same time, making science education and careers attractive for young people.
December 4, 2019

BC3 contribute in COP25 to different events and platform as admitted observer organization

BC3 is an admitted observer organization at Conference of the Parties. Since 2010 BC3 has been playing an active role at COPs with a variety of contributions. UN agencies, admitted observer organizations and those Parties that partner with observers present their work or foster discussions on key issues, often engaging the audience in a Q&A session. BC3 will contribute in COP25 to different events and platform for admitted observer organizations, which have limited speaking opportunities in the formal negotiations, to engage with Parties and other participants for knowledge sharing, capacity building, networking and exploring actionable options for meeting the climate challenge.
November 15, 2019

Organizamos la jornada “gobiernos locales, costas, mares y cambio climático” en el marco de los días europeos de la solidaridad local

El próximo 28 de noviembre tendrá lugar en Getxo la jornada “Gobiernos locales, costas, mares y cambio climático”, que organizamos junto con Euskal Fondoa y el Ayuntamiento de Getxo, con el objetivo de dar a conocer qué se está haciendo desde Euskadi para conservar los ecosistemas marítimos y costeros, tanto desde la Ciencia como desde las Administraciones públicas locales o la Cooperación. Contaremos para ello con expertas y expertos de BC3, el centro tecnológico AZTI, la ONG Medicus Mundi, o el propio Ayuntamiento de Getxo.
November 11, 2019

Marta Olazabal is awarded with the José María Sarriegi Major Catastrophe Research Award

The scientific study “How are cities planning to respond to climate change? Assessment of local climate plans from 885 cities in the EU-28” has been awarded the José María Sarriegi Major Catastrophe Research Award in its first edition by Fundación Aon España and the Catastrophe Observatory
October 18, 2019

Basque Centre for Climate Change will present the ARIES (Artificial Intelligence for Ecosystem Services) modelling framework at the 10th World Conference of the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP)

The Basque Centre for Climate Change will present the ARIES (Artificial Intelligence for Ecosystem Services) modelling framework at the 10th World Conference of the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) in a pre-conference training. The participants to the training will have the chance to try a preview release of k.Explorer, an internet browser-based user interface, which provides an easy way to access the ARIES network of models and data.

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