BC3 scientific director participates in the presentation of the National Office of Scientific Advice (ONAC)

María José Sanz, scientific director of BC3, participated in the official presentation of Spain’s National Office of Scientific Advice (ONAC). The event, held at the headquarters of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in Madrid, was attended by the President of the Spanish Government Pedro Sánchez and the Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities Diana Morant.

ONAC was created to establish institutional mechanisms to reinforce the role of scientific knowledge in the decision-making process of the Spanish government and will have a team of between 50 and 80 scientists who will join different ministries from October of this year. The office will be structured around three main components—people, applied research and institutional mechanisms.

In her speech, María José Sanz highlighted the importance of integrating science in the formulation of public policies and the breakthrough that the creation of this new office represents.

“We need to see science as a lever for the establishment of consensus dialogues based on evidence, transparent information and accessible knowledge that has to be increasingly multidisciplinary, incorporating social sciences.” (María José Sanz, scientific director, BC3)

During her talk, the BC3 scientific director also stressed the need for real collaboration between scientists and other stakeholders, stating that the scientific community must be aware of its role in society.

“It is essential that there is an honest and open collaboration between scientific experts and those other actors who have knowledge that complements scientific knowledge.” (María José Sanz, scientific director, BC3)

With the creation of the ONAC, the Spanish Government promises to strengthen the role of scientific knowledge in the decision-making of the General State Administration and to foster institutional mechanisms to promote informed decision-making through scientific knowledge by public decision-makers to face future challenges more effectively.

“The bridge between knowledge and action is essential. We need an integration of knowledge in which the social, cultural and economic context in which this knowledge is to be used must be well understood, through respect and mutual understanding.” (María José Sanz, scientific director, BC3)

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