Congratulations to new BC3 PhD graduate Sean Goodwin

Dr Sean Goodwin graduated with a thesis entitled “Bridging boundaries: integrating climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation and social justice through urban nature-based solutions ” today at University of Almeria. 

Dr Goodwin has carried out his research with a La Caixa Inphinit fellowship at BC3. Dr Goodwin’s thesis has been supervised by Marta Olazabal (BC3), Unai Pascual (BC3)  and Antonio Castro (University of Almeria).


Sean Goodwin’s Ph.D. dissertation critically examines the multifunctional potential of nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation, and addressing social justice in cities. The study investigates the evolving concept of urban adaptation through nature-based solutions, exploring how their widespread adoption has reshaped the understanding of both adaptation and cities. Goodwin leverages several areas of theory covering adaptation, critical ecology, and urbanism to conceptualise the contributions of nature-based solutions towards (re-)defining and evaluating adaptation success. Ultimately, the research identifies what work is yet to be done to realise the transformative potential of nature-based solutions as an urban adaptation strategy, namely that it must better recognise the essential connection between humanity and the natural world within urban environments. This work challenges existing paradigms on how adaptation success is defined and evaluated by suggesting that alterative, relational entry points must be integrated into core definitions of adaptation to further advance progress on urban adaptation through nature-based solutions in cities.

Thesis Committee: 

Maria Lopez Rodriguez (universidad de almeria)

Harriet Bulkeley (University of Durham, UK)

Francesc Baró (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, VUB)

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