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ekaina 2022

Decarbonisation for net zero

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The world is committed to the temperature target in the Paris Agreement to keep global warming well below 2oC, aiming for 1.5oC. This will require rapid reductions of emissions of GHGs, leading to net-zero emissions by mid-century. The seminar will explore the economics of such a transition to low- or zero-carbon energy sources, in respect of the investments that will be required and the [...]

maiatza 2022

AdaptaBrasil: Innovative Platform for Monitoring Climate Change

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Sustainable development and climate mitigation and adaptation in a country the size of Brazil presents enormous challenges regarding the environmental, social, and productivity sectors. Climate risk is based on the characterization of the social and natural systems linked to vulnerability and exposure to a given hazard.

BC3 Seminar – The Urban Green Divide or Segregating by Greening

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In the past two decades, cities in the Global North and South have invested in urban greening projects such as parks, gardens, greenways, or green climate resilient infrastructure to address a variety of environmental, health, economic, and social challenges. Such interventions are often accompanied by large scale real estate projects.

azaroa 2021

BC3 Webinar: Artificial Intelligence applied to ocean waves forecast: A deep learning approach to predict significant wave height.

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Better predictions of ocean waves conditions are essential for a handful of industries that define its operations based on the outcome of these analysis. Almost all engineering applications that happens in the ocean, from transportation to renewable energies, going across offshore platforms and alerts of catastrophic events, not to mention geosciences research benefits from an accurate description of sea state.

iraila 2021

BC3 Seminar: Why is maladaptation such an important concept?

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For the last two decades we have been spinning around the same problem with maladaptation – we know what it is, but we rarely know when it is happening in real time. Most examples of maladaptation are only detected after the fact when it is too late to prevent them from doing damage. Still we are fascinated by this concept. This talk addresses maladaptation [...]

ekaina 2021

Plan de Recuperación Europeo: Una Respuesta Federal a la Crisis

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EuroBasquek, Europe Direct Bizkaia, Eusko Jaurlaritzako Kanpo Harremanetarako Idazkaritza Nagusia eta UPV/EHUko Ekonomia eta Enpresa Fakultatearen laguntzarekin, ekainaren 22an, asteartea, 9:00etatik 14:00etara

apirila 2021

Krisi ekonomikoari eta klimatikoari buruzko hitzaldia, arazo beraren bi ikuspegien inguruan

Datorren asteazkenean, apirilaren 28an, Agora K2050 klima-aldaketari buruzko hitzaldi-zikloaren barruan egingo den saioan, klima-aldaketari aurre ez egiteak izango dituen ondorio ekonomikoei buruz arituko dira.

otsaila 2021

La transición cultural para la recuperación sostenible

El Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia impulsado por el Gobierno de España a través de los fondos Next Generation va a dirigirse, principalmente, a proyectos de innovación e infraestructura. Sin embargo, la creación de una Europa neutra en carbono exige ir más allá y acompañar esta transición tecnológica de acciones dirigidas a propiciar los cambios culturales de hábitos y prácticas sociales. Es [...]

martxoa 2020

BC3 Seminar: Accelerating America’s Pledge: Going All-In to Build a Prosperous, Low-Carbon Economy for the United States

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A globally sufficient response to climate change will require new models of organization, coalition building, and implementation in which rapid decarbonization at the national level will be rooted in actions initiated by a diverse range of actors. The United States provides a window into how the diversification of climate action across actors can drive changes in emissions.

abendua 2019

BC3 Seminar: “Pueblos y Nacionalidades Indígenas” of the Ecuadorian Amazon, Shuar, Achuar, Zápara and Quichuas

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Accelerated climate change, especially since the last half of the twentieth century, is an additional challenge for the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, who depend directly on the resources of the territory. These include subsystems like agriculture (itinerant, semi itinerant and localized) art of hunting, art of fishing and silviculture. The space where humans unify themselves with nature (abiotic and biotic) allows the weaving [...]

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