#ARIES15years: Join us and be part of the integrated modelling adventure!

Collaboration among different stakeholders in the geospatial community (e.g., data providers, modellers, platform hosts) is crucial to achieve extensive use of integrated modelling by countries around the world. By working together as an open and collaborative network, these various groups can support successful and widespread implementation of the ARIES vision to move open science forward.

After fifteen years of hard work developing an open-source software for modelling designed to integrate scientific data and models, the members of the ARIES team have come up with a list of concrete roles, responsibilities and quality control to help and encourage our current and potential stakeholders to contribute and make the most of the semantic web platform that powers the project.

In the occasion of our 15th anniversary and as a wrap-up of this celebration, ARIES has summarized these key actions in the form of an infographic. Check it out now! If you are part of the geospatial community, contact us at info@integratedmodelling.org to learn more about how you can be part of the ARIES vision to support a more open and integrated science, and join us in this journey.

React on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook with #ARIES15years. Also check out our two previous infographics describing our vision for a more sustainable and resilient future for all, and the concepts and components that integrate our modelling technology!

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