Research Assistant – Governadapt II


The Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3), offers a 9-month full time research assistant position to work under Basque Government’s Basque Cooperation Agency for Development funded project on resiliency and governance of climate risk in Dakar and Saint Louis.

Sea-level rise represents one of the main impacts of climate change. Globally, low elevation coastal areas represent 2% of the surface area, but account for 10% of the world’s population and many of the economic assets and infrastructures. Moreover, the increase in sea level causes extreme values ​​occur more frequently, affecting the exposed communities and assets (environmental and economic) more severely. This also generates an increase in the erosion rate, increasing the recoil of the coastline, which in turn makes the coastal and active resources located there much more exposed. In this context, it is essential to understand current and future risks and a number of studies show the need to adapt the format of the information to the agents who need to make decisions on adaptation.

In this context, the research assistant will be responsible for (and not limited to):

  • Systematically review the literature on adaptation in our case study including scientific and grey literature, as well as urban data collection.
  •  Collaborate on the identification of key stakeholders and the definition of a stakeholder map, including the gender perspective and the needs of the most vulnerable groups.
  • Prepare interview materials and contribute to project reporting documents.
  • Communicate and coordinate with both technical and non-technical stakeholders, under the supervision of the project leader

The research assistant will be physically located in Leioa (Bizkaia) at the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3). The candidate will work under the direct supervision of Dr. Noelia Zafra Calvo and in close collaboration with other researchers. The applicant is expected to abide to rules of conduct and ethics imposed by the host institution (the BC3).

 Experience/skills required: the applicant should hold a master’s degree in environmental sciences, political science, sociology or international relations. Interest and/or experience in environmental or climate change governance and particularly in adaptation would be a desirable asset, as well as some knowledge about mainstreaming the gender perspective in international governance contexts.  The candidate must be fluent in English and French, with excellent written and oral communication skills, interpersonal and analytical competences, with a demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural team.

Other experience/skills valued: Database management skills as well as international experience, particularly experience in the study country, will be positively evaluated.

Term of contract

The position will be for a period of 9 months.


The position will carry competitive salary, matching the academic and professional profile of the applicant, and excellent work conditions.


Basque Centre for Climate Change, Leioa, Spain.

As a HR Excellence awarded institution, BC3 is committed to conciliate research-academic requirements and family duties. BC3 is particularly concerned with creating equality opportunities for people. Women with relevant qualifications are therefore strongly encouraged to apply for the position.

Application procedure:

Those interested should include in their request:

  1. A curriculum vitae
  2. motivation letter


10th November 2021 (CET 17:00).


Any queries related to the nature of this position can be made to Dr. Ambika Markanday ( noting in the subject of the message “RA Governance”

Agencia Vasca de Cooperación para el Desarrollo – Garapenerako Lankidetzaren Euskal Agentzia.

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