BC3 publication: Fresh perspectives for classic forest restoration challenges

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Rodríguez-Uña A., Cruz-Alonso V., Rohrer Z., Martínez Baroja L. 2020.Fresh perspectives for classic forest restoration challenges. Restoration Ecology. Vol. 28. Issue . pag 12-15. DOI (https://doi.org/10.1111/rec.13093 )


Restoration ecology is a young scientific discipline whose limitations can compromise the recovery of ecosystem biodiversity and functions. Specifically for limitations on forest restoration, we first recommend considering measures prior to land use changes to deal with the common lack of efforts to anticipate and plan restoration. Second, we suggest using multiple references in restoration planning to avoid simplified reference characterization, and we advise assessing ecosystem recovery with indicators that better incorporate ecosystem complexity in recovery assessments. Finally, we propose initiatives to encourage scientific communication outside academia to diminish the communication gap between scientists and practitioners.

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