July 2, 2018

BC3 press releases: Marta Olazabal of BC3 will spearhead the research to assess the adaptation policies of large coastal cities worldwide

In a competitive international process, AXA Foundation selected the research project of Marta Olazabal, senior researcher of BC3, to which it will allocate 130,000 euro for two years. The project will evaluate the quality and effectiveness of public climate change adaptation policies and the investments cities are conducting in this regard on a worldwide scale.
June 28, 2018

María Cristina Pizarro Irizar and Iñigo Capellán Pérez, BC3 post-doctoral researchers, won the UPV/EHU Extraordinary Doctorate Award

La UPV-EHU concede los premios extraordinarios a las tesis doctorales de Iñigo Capellan Pérez, por su tesis doctoral “Development and application of environmental integrated assessment modelling towards sustainability” dirigida por el Doctor D. Alberto Ansuategui Cobo y por el Doctor D. Miguel González Ruiz de Eguino y a María Cristina Pizarro Irizar, por su tesis doctoral internacional “Essays on the effect of renewable energy production in the spanish electricity market” dirigida por la Doctora Dña. María Paz Espinosa Alejos y por el Doctor D. Aitor Ciarreta Antuñano
June 21, 2018

BC3 Journal Article: Valuing deaths or years of life lost? Economic benefits of avoided mortality from early heat warning systems

The study aims to explore the main drivers influencing the economic appraisal of heat warning systems by integrating epidemiological modelling and benefit-cost analysis. To shed insights on heat wave mortality valuation, we consider three valuation schemes: (i) a traditional one, where the value of a statistical life (VSL) is applied to both displaced and premature mortality; (ii) an intermediate one, with VSL applied for premature mortality and value of a life year (VOLY) for displaced mortality; and (iii) a conservative one, where both premature and displaced mortality are quantified in terms of loss of life expectancy, and then valued using the VOLY approach. When applying these three schemes to Madrid (Spain), we obtain a benefit-cost ratio varying from 12 to 3700
June 20, 2018

Eñaut Izagirre Estibaritz, BC3 researcher, participates in the scientific expedition to Roncagli Cordillera Darwin (Tierra del Fuego, Chile)

Esta expedición científica ha supuesto el primer trabajo de campo del investigador predoctoral de la UPV-EHU y guest researcher de BC3, Eñaut Izagirre Estibaritz, que se encuentra realizando su proyecto de investigación titulado “Evolución de glaciares y lagos proglaciares en respuesta al cambio climático en el Campo de hielo Cordillera Darwin, Tierra del Fuego, Chile”.
June 18, 2018

The radio magazine La mecánica de caracol, EITB, interview BC3 Ikerbasque researcher Unai Pascual agricultural intensification effects

Una nueva investigación de Unai Pascual, Investigador Ikerbasque en el BC3, demuestra que la intensificación de la tierra con fines agrícolas afecta de forma muy diversa tanto al medio ambiente como al bienestar humano en los países en vías de desarrollo.

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