A time of change for BC3 – starting with its visual identity!

We are happy to announce the launch of our new visual identity, complete with a new logo, colour schemes, and typography as part of our continuing brand advancement.

BC3 has grown and evolved throughout the past 15 years, and we realized it was time for a rebranding. We modified our logo to illustrate our identity today and to portray our future. We examined our organizational values and developed a brand identity that conveyed them.

“After deep evaluation, we selected a brand-new logo that represents a more modern look and encapsulates our objective to integrate the best scientific knowledge on climate change causes and impacts while contributing towards a better future for our society and the next generation.” (María José Sanz, BC3 scientific director)

To maintain consistency with our original logo and boost the brand forward, we needed to create a new identity that screamed BC3 and what we stand for.

The main objective was to keep the logo identifiable and memorable. In order to achieve this result, we carefully reworked the existing logo, taking into account its basic shapes, angles, and colours.

Sustainability is in our DNA. Making certain that our new visual identity followed a sustainable design is extremely important to us. Here are some of the main concepts incorporated that we hope to illustrate with our new logo:

Uppercase letters – reflecting a bold and powerful brand identity that symbolises a positive workplace coming together.

Our 3 is no more a superscript number – everyone knows us as BC3, we therefore lowered the number to adapt the writing of the new logo to the way it is pronounced.

Vibrant green colour – we kept the green colour to stay true to our roots and our identity but we upgraded it to a more vibrant green version to give it a fresh and friendly look.

Horizontal onward arrow – signifying aspiration and direction, as well as movement, positive progression, and innovation.

In the upcoming weeks, we will update all our communication literature and online presence with the new visual identity. Meanwhile, feel free to download our new logo by clicking on the image below!

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