PALIMPSEST – knowledge co-creation for sustainability in heritage landscapes


BC3 (ColLab) joined the three-year project PALIMPSEST, a Horizon Europe funded research project that aims at regenerating the lost sustainability wisdom in heritage landscapes through co-creation with creative actors, technical stakeholders and civic society.

“Blending ColLab´s themes of knowledge coproduction and art-science interactions, in PALIMPSEST we will work together with artists, scientists, designers, architects and citizens, to collectively create transformative paths that bring the old wisdom of heritage landscapes into the generation of a sustainable future.” (Marcela Brugnach, Ikerbasque Professor, BC3)

PALIMPSEST revolves three pilot locations with strong cultural identities and relevant environmental problems: Lodz (PL), a UNESCO city of films fighting the highest air pollution levels in Europe; Milan fringes (IT), traditional agricultural landscapes struggling with unsustainable water use; Jerez de la Frontera (ES), an Andalusian wine landscape and vernacular site challenged by renewable energy production facilities.

The project will integrate the Landscape Services in environmental-sensitive solutions with sustainable finance infrastructures to support the sharing and circulating of positive externalities at different levels among the landscape service actors and communities.

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