Scientific Project Manager for MAIA project


The Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) offers a Scientific Project Manager Position on the MAIA project. MAIA is a 3-year Horizon Europe project (GA 101056935), funded by  HORIZON-CL5-2021-D1-01 (Type of action: CSA) call and developed by a consortium of 11 European partners and coordinated by BC3.

MAIA will act as an impact multiplier by providing social structures, technological and outreach activities to accompany, potentiate and help maximise the impact of climate research projects funded under Horizon Europe. MAIA constitute the response from a group of coordinators and core partners from seven H2020 precursor projects in climate change research (BINGO, BRIGAID, CLARITY, Connecting Nature, DRIVER+, PLACARD and RESCCUE).



In these projects, driven by the EC’s advice to identify synergies and spark collaboration, we liaised and detected a clear need for increased connectivity and a more robust approach to synergies management as means to unlock more meaningful and impact-oriented interactions. MAIA pivots around connectivity as a key enabling factor for an effective outreach. Therefore, we are envisioning specific actions for enhancing i) the connectivity of existing communities (consolidation and activation of a Pan-European community of problem owners, solution providers, and enablers); ii) the connectivity of knowledge and technological infrastructure (creation of the MAIA Portal); and iii) the connectivity of the EU climate research (coordinating an EU climate change research Cluster). Communication and Dissemination activities of the EU climate change research projects will be reinforced and amplified by our active outreach campaign, aiming towards the democratisation of climate knowledge. MAIA also addresses awareness raising, the strengthening of the science-policy and science-civil society interfaces, and the support for climate action and sustainable behaviours through several actions dealing with active dialogue supported through community engagement activities and the use of SSH.

Job description:

To support BC3 in the coordination and management of the entire project we are looking for a Scientific Project Manager who can support the Coordinator and the consortium in the management and coordination tasks.

Key responsibilities:

  • Support the Scientific Coordinator in the Strategic Management of the project.
  • Financial and administrative project management at the consortium level.
  • Focal contact point between the Coordinator, the Partners and the Commission.
  • Manage interactions with internal and external specialists on ethical and legal aspects, communications, and with the external advisory board.
  • Organization of project meetings, including financial and administrative aspects.
  • International travelling and participation to consortium meetings when required.

Main requirements/skills:

  • Masters or PhD degree.
  • Experience in Project Management related to Environment, climate change or related topics.
  • Excellent project management skills related to finance, administration and communication.
  • Ability to coordinate teamwork and interact with a broad range of scientific and policy stakeholders at European level.
  • Experience in EU projects, it will be value if knowledge of H2020 and Horizon Europe Programme.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Excellent written and oral command of English.

 Benefits and work environment

  • Interdisciplinary and inspiring work environment.
  • 35-hour week work calendar.
  • 30 days of vacation per year.

Term of contract

Starting in September 2022, the position will be for the whole duration of the project  with a six-month probation period.

Project duration: 1st September 2022 – 31st of August 2025



The position will carry competitive salary, matching the academic and professional profile of the applicant, and excellent work conditions.


Basque Centre for Climate Change, Leioa, Spain.

As an HR Excellence awarded institution, BC3 is committed to conciliating research-academic requirements and family duties. BC3 is particularly concerned with creating equal opportunities for people despite sex and gender. Women with relevant qualifications are therefore strongly encouraged to apply for the position.

Application procedure:

Fill the form below and upload one PDF document with the following information:

  1. CV
  3. Contact information of two referees.


8th September 2022 (CET 15:00).

Informal enquiries can be made to Prof Mari Jose Sanz ( ) noting in the subject of the message “MAIA Scientific Project Manager”.

Please consider that only applications sent through the form included at the bottom of the BC3 web page will be considered (,

GA 101056935, funded by HORIZON-CL5-2021-D1-01

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