BC3 Scientific Director participated as an expert in the first Technical Dialogue of the Global Stocktake roundtables

© Photo by IISD/ENB | Kiara Worth

BC3 Scientific Director María José Sanz participated as an expert in the first Technical Dialogue of the Global Stocktake roundtables and a “world café” that brought delegates and scientists together in a new, informal setting on the 10th of June. She will also participate in the second panel of the Round table on Mitigation on Monday the 13th.

The first Dialogue of the Global Stocktake will unfold in a critical decade for climate action. It will end two years before the next round of submissions by Parties of their Nationally Determined Contributions in 2024-25 and will therefore have a key role to set the course for further ambitious action and support, providing an opportunity to focus the global climate engagement on implementation and international cooperation.

In this context, the technical dialogue (TD) is a conversation among Parties, experts and Non-Party Stakeholders. The TD will aim to develop a shared understanding of the latest information on the implementation of the Paris Agreement and progress towards the purpose and its long-term goals, based on the best available scientific information.

The World Café is an engagement process, which makes use of an informal setting for participants to explore topics across the scope of the GST, in a larger room with several small tables. The setting facilitates interactive exchanges, as participants can rotate and circulate, with signals every 30 or 45 minutes. An expert and rapporteur will remain at each table.

In this setting, relevant experts, Parties, constituted bodies, observer organizations and other non-Party stakeholders will discuss specific thematic areas of the GST. They will also discuss efforts related to response measures and loss and damage, with balance among issues and across the thematic areas, at smaller tables in order to establish a shared information basis, as well as to discuss interconnections among them.

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