PhD Student: Integrated Assessment Modelling for Low Carbon Transitions in the context of the Paris Agreement


The Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) opens a competitive call for applications to one PhD contract to develop the doctoral thesis on issues related to energy modelling and climate policy. The applicant will develop the thesis in the context of the PARIS REINFORCE project, a European Commission H2020 research project. PARIS REINFORCE aims to underpin climate policymaking and enhance the science-policy interface, in light of the Paris Agreement and associated challenges. In particular, the project aim is to develop a novel, demand-driven assessment framework based on Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs) for effectively supporting the design and assessment of climate policies in the EU as well as in other major emitters. The research will be conducted at BC3 and in collaboration with other international research institutions.

Specifically the applicant would:

  • Develop a doctoral thesis in parallel to the tasks associated to Paris Reinforce project.
  • Work with other team members using an existing Global Integrated Assessment model.
  • Write deliverables for the European Commission.
  • Progressively, publish peer-reviewed research in international scientific journals.


The applicant should have a Graduate Degree in Economics, Engineering, Mathematics or similar with at least 300 credits or a University Master or equivalent, a solid background in quantitative methods and programming.

Other relevant skills:

  • Experience/interest on energy and economic modeling
  • Knowledge of the energy sector and international climate policies
  • Good interpersonal as well communication skills (both written and oral) in English
  • Flexibility to collaborate in existing research projects

Term of contract

The position will be for a period of two years with a possibility for extending it for two more years upon a positive assessment of the performance.


The position will carry competitive salary, matching the academic and professional profile of the applicant, and excellent work conditions.


Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3), Biscay (Spain).

Additional information: As a HR Excellence awarded institution, BC3 is committed to conciliate research-academic requirements and family duties. BC3 is particularly concerned with creating equality opportunities for women and men. Women with relevant qualifications are therefore strongly encouraged to apply for the position.

Applicants should send a cover letter, a detailed CV and at least one letter of recommendation to, noting in the subject of the message “PhD: Paris Reinforce-Modelling”. Informal enquiries can be made to Mikel González-Eguino ( or to Dirk-Jan Van de Ven (


15 March 2019 (CET 17:00).

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