BC3 researchers presented ENABLE.EU at the XIV Conference of the Spanish Association for Energy Economics

Information source: ENABLE.EU

BC3 researchers Elena Lopez and Alessandro Silvestri presented their papers of ENABLE.EU at the XIV Conference of the Spanish Association for Energy Economics.

Alessandro Silvestri presented the paper “Contributions of car-sharing to low carbon mobility: insights from experts and user’s in-depth interviews”. The study presented the results of the in-depth interviews conducted in Spain with households and experts on carsharing services and their relationship with other transport modes.

Elena López presented the paper “Energy decisions in heating consumption: results from fuzzy cognitive mapping”. The study presented the results of three focus groups conducted in Spain, with different populations – citizens, academics and energy experts – in order to test potential differences in households’ heating expenditures.

During the conference, both of these studies were selected by the Scientific Committee as among the best papers presented by young researchers. Alessandro Silvestri was awarded with second prize.

The Spanish Association for the Energy Economics (AEEE) announces the celebration of the XIV AEEE Annual Conference on January 31 and February 1, 2019 in A Coruña. The Rectorate Building of the University of A Coruña will host the most important academic and business conference on Energy Economics in Spain.

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