BC3 takes the first steps to build the centre’s first sustainability plan

BC3 is working on a sustainability and mobility plan, with the aim to pave the way towards decarbonisation and promote the efficient use of the centre’s resources.

To develop an effective sustainability and mobility plan, BC3 is conducting an analysis of its carbon footprint. Different working groups have been set up to address sustainability in the broadest possible way. The analysis will enable it to assess the centre’s current situation, identify areas for improvement and set measurable and realistic targets.

“Our aim is to move forward with a sustainability roadmap for the coming years that is 100% inclusive and driven by all the people who are part of the centre, to ensure successful implementation.” (Irune Vegas, project officer and coordinator of the sustainability plan, BC3)

The new strategy, coordinated by a group of BC3’s employees, seeks to balance the environmental aspects of the organization’s operations, minimizing negative impacts on the environment and society, and maximizing long-term benefits.

“The sustainability working group includes people from all the areas of BC3. This will help to reinforce a strategy that is aligned with the values of the centre and is compatible with the centre’s projects and activities.” (Estibaliz Sanz, researcher and coordinator of the sustainability plan, BC3).

In this first phase of diagnosis, BC3 will evaluate the status of the centre and the habits of its employees sustainability-wise. This analysis will be used as a starting point to reach a consensus with the various working groups that will take part of the sustainability and mobility plan, which will contribute to make BC3 a resource-efficient and low-carbon research centre.

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