Agustín del Prado Research Professor

Main Research Field:
Developing system-based modelling approaches to: (i) mitigate GHG emissions from land use and (ii) assess the impact of climate change and land use changes on services from agriculture.

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Choosing from among the host of strategies for mitigation on greenhouse gas emissions is not easy. One needs to consider competing environmental priorities, social and economic factors, and commercial and political interests.

We need to study such strategies using systems-based and multidisciplinary approaches to provide policy with the most balanced choices.

November 28, 2016

FAO’s work on climate change: Livestock and climate change

Smallholder livestock keepers, fisherfolks and pastoralists are among the most vulnerable to climate change. Climate change impact livestock directly (for example through heat stress and increased morbidity and mortality) and indirectly(for example through quality and availability of feed and forages, and animal diseases). At the same time, the livestock sector contributes significantly to climate change. In fact, 14.5 percent of all human-caused greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from livestock supply chains. It amounts to 7.1 gigatonnes (GT) of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-eq) per year.
November 15, 2016

Heat stress effects in milk yield and milk traits at farm scale

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