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October 26, 2020

Las ciudades como motor de transición para el ‘Green Deal’

Si alguien me preguntara cuáles son los principales retos locales para una transición verde y cuál es el papel de las ciudades en el ‘Green Deal’, lo primero que me gustaría saber es a qué nos referimos con ciudades. Obviamente, no estamos hablando sólo del área física urbanizada, sino también de las ciudades como actores en la lucha contra el cambio climático y en pos de un desarrollo sostenible y justo
October 23, 2020

La lucha contra el grave deterioro de la naturaleza requiere de objetivos múltiples y ambiciosos

Investigadores del BC3, el ICTA-UAB y la Universidad de la Laguna evalúan los criterios del Convenio sobre la Diversidad Biológica de Naciones Unidas.
October 22, 2020

Environmental Data Specialist

The Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) offers a full-time Environmental Data Specialist position in order to support the research activities of Research Line (RL) 5 on Integrated Modelling of Coupled Human-Natural Systems.
October 20, 2020

BC3, Basque Center for Climate Change, “Bilbao Radio Award for Excellence in Research Category” 2020

The Bilbao Radio Awards for Excellence  has recognize in their fourth edition the good work of many personalities in the basque territory.  BC3, Basque Center for Climate Change has been one of the entities awarded with an award for Excellence by Radio Bilbao (Cadena SER), in this case for research excellence. The awards, which have been presented yesterday, 19 of October, at an event to be held at the Euskalduna Palace, has been be received by the Scientific Director of BC3, Maria José Sanz. BC3 obtains the award thanks to its multidisciplinary centre profile to investigate the causes and consequences of climate change.
October 19, 2020

Predoctoral Grants- FPI 2020

BC3 - Basque Centre for Climate Change, as Maria de Maeztu Unit, offers two predoctoral grant - FPI 2020 launched by the Spanish Ministry of Science. The call offers 2 contracts to develop the PhD at BC3 with a 4 year duration to be carried out in a multidisciplinary and international research team. The doctoral programme FPI 2020 is devoted to attract talented of any nationality in order to carry out their PhD thesis in the framework of R&D projects that are being performed in Severo Ochoa/Maria de Maeztu granted organizations. BC3 offers 2 contracts to developed their PhD.

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