November 28, 2018

BC3´s Official Side Event at COP24

BC3 is an admitted observer organization that organizes Side Events at COP. This year, 2018 BC3 will be contributing by organizing its own Side Eventin collaboration with the Centre For Research on Energy and Environmental Economics and Policy (IEFE) of Bocconi University Milan and the Foundation for Gaia. Since 2010 BC3 has been playing an active role at COPs with a variety of contributions.
November 27, 2018

Economic, environmental and social effects of globalisation

The report features a series of indicators to illustrate in detail the relationship between trade and employment for the EU as a whole and for each EU Member State using the new World Input-Output Database (WIOD), 2016 release, as the main data source. This information has been complemented with data on employment by age, skill and gender from other sources such as EUKLEMS. All the indicators relate to the EU exports to the rest of the world so as to reflect the scope of EU trade policymaking.
November 26, 2018

How vulnerable are Transylvanian forests to climate change?

A team formed by researchers from BC3 (Ikerbasque Research ProfessorJorge Curiel Yuste), Transilvania University of Brasov (Ana-Maria Hereş, Alexandru Lucian Curtu, and Ion Catalin Petritan), and the National Research and Development Institute in Forestry "Marin Dracea" - ICAS (Any-Mary Petritan) is trying to understand how vulnerable the Transylvanian forests are to the increasingly longer and more frequent summer droughts associated with climate change. For this, they are studying the physiological and ecological patterns that might explain what makes some tree species to be more resilient to drought, while other species to be so vulnerable to them.
November 22, 2018

Teresa Gimeno interviewed at “I al cuadrado” radioshow about her research at plant ecophysiology

Teresa Gimeno, investigadora Ikerbasque en BC3, visito el pasado martes, día 19 de noviembre, el programa "I al Cuadrado" dedicado a la ecofisiología vegetal. A lo largo de la entrevista, Gimeno a destacado la "importancia de producir nuevos y efectivos modelos que ayuden a predecir cual es el potencial de la vegetación para mitigar el cambio climático." Gimeno trabaja en el ámbito de la ecofisiología vegetal, donde investiga el impacto del CO2 en el clima y en el cambio global, el papel de la vegetación en el ciclo del agua y de la atmósfera.
November 20, 2018

BC3 Article: Identification of conservation and restoration priority areas in the Danube River based on the multi-functionality of river-floodplain systems

Large river-floodplain systems are hotspots of biodiversity and ecosystem services but are also used for multiple human activities, making them one of the most threatened ecosystems worldwide. There is wide evidence that reconnecting river channels with their floodplains is an effective measure to increase their multi-functionality, i.e., ecological integrity, habitats for multiple species and the multiple functions and services of river-floodplain systems, although, the selection of promising sites for restoration projects can be a demanding task.

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