November 11, 2016

BC3 Open Day

BC3, Basque Centre for Climate Change invites you to participate in the "BC3 Open Day" that is to be held on the 9th of February.BC3 Basque Centre for Climate Change, is a Basque Excellence Research Centre (BERC) created in 2008 jointly by the Basque Government and the University of the Basque Country, that is located since July 2016 in the Scientific Park of Leioa ("Sede" Building).The objective of this event is to open up the Climate Change Science produced at the center to the University of the Basque Country, with the aim of exploring and promoting potential collaborations among both institutions.

María de Maeztu Excellence Unit 2023-2027 Ref. CEX2021-001201-M, funded by MCIN/AEI /10.13039/501100011033

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