August 9, 2023

A ‘values crisis’ underpins the coupled biodiversity and climate emergency

Humans are taking colossal risks with the future of civilization and everything that lives on Earth, a new study published in the journal Nature shows. Developed by an international science commission engaging more than 40 researchers from across the globe, the scientists deliver the first quantification of safe and just Earth system boundaries on a global and local level for several biophysical processes and systems that regulate the state of the Earth system.
October 6, 2023

A turn needed in the carbon industry: Offsets should embrace uncertainty

The forest carbon offset market is built on the idea that you can predict exactly how much carbon a project will lock away from the atmosphere. But exact predictions are a scientific impossibility, argues a new policy research paper in Science. Instead, the market should look to other sectors that successfully manage “unknown unknowns”.
October 31, 2023

Nueva publicación infantil sobre medidas de adaptación al cambio climático en Euskadi

Con ocasión del Día Mundial de las Ciudades, BC3, el centro vasco de investigación sobre cambio climático, publica el cuento “Ilargiker eta bero-boladak hirian / Ilargiker y las olas de calor en la ciudad”. Se trata del segundo cuento de una colección de publicaciones infantiles cuyo objetivo es acercar la ciencia del cambio climático al alumnado de primaria del País Vasco.
December 5, 2023

First microstructural analysis of Monte Perdido Glacier indicates impurities could modify the glacier’s movement and hasten its melting

New insights into glacier dynamics: Recent research published in the scientific magazine Annals of Glaciology reveals that impurities within the Monte Perdido Glacier’s ice are reshaping its microstructure, modifying its dynamics and potentially accelerating its degradation. This study is the first to comprehensively analyze the interaction of different elements within the ice of mountain glaciers, offering crucial insights into their behavior in the face of climate change.

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