December 14, 2016

BC3 Seminars: Species distribution modelling of freshwater organisms

Dr. Sami Domisch Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Berlin, Germany Species occurrence information consists in general of heterogeneous data, ranging from point records that provide accurate information in geographic and environmental space, to coarse expert range maps accounting for dispersal barriers or historical biogeographic limits. Combining both data types in a species distribution model (SDM) framework using newly-developed (1 km) freshwater-specific environmental variables allows to make fine-grain and improved estimates of species distributions. I will demonstrate how the freshwater-specific variables can be easily created for any given region, and present the modelling framework using the North American freshwater fish fauna as a case study. The predictions highlight diversity patterns and hotspots along the stream network, further contributing to the understanding of the current-day environmental factors that shape the distribution of freshwater fish ranges, with the potential in ultimately aiding conservation and management efforts.

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