Sampedro Appointed to WHO Technical Advisory Group

Jon Sampedro, a postdoctoral fellow and PhD in environmental economics, has been appointed as an “individual expert for the Global Air Pollution and Health – Technical Advisory Group (GAPH-TAG).” The Department of Environment, Climate Change, and Health of the World Health Organization (WHO) convened this advisory group.

Air pollution is an important environmental factor that influences health outcomes globally, with WHO estimating that 7 million annual deaths can be attributed to various effects of air pollution. The World Health Assembly adopted a resolution to address the health impacts of air pollution in 2015 and, in the intervening years, WHO has arranged meetings of experts to bring together data related to air pollution and health.

The new advisory group will work to help update the Sustainable Development Goal Indicators, specifically focusing on reviewing WHO data and methods related to air pollution. GAPH-TAG will explore interventions that can help reduce emissions and safeguard global health. A major area of focus will be the intersection of climate change mitigation strategies and health outcomes, with GAPH-TAG providing guidance and making recommendations for large-scale assessments of the health impacts of various climate-related policies.

“I’m very excited to participate in the GAPH-TAG group. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the analysis of air pollution and the health implications of different climate mitigation strategies,” said Sampedro.

Sampedro’s work focuses on integrated assessments of human interactions with the Earth system. He studies the climate–land–energy–water implications of the implementation of alternative global scenarios, with special focus on energy, air pollution, and human health.

Publication source: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


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