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Seminar BC3: Gender perspective and diversity in the organisation

October 13, 2021 @ 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

online via the ZOOM
In Spanish
(with English simultaneous interpretation)

*Limited places

The seminar “Gender perspective and diversity in the organisation“, promoted by the BC3 equality commission and part of the Visiting Program initiative, aims to build a more equitable, diverse and inclusive vision of our scientific reality and to obtain transformative results for our personal and professional development.

Federica Ravera (University of Girona) and Irene Iniesta (UAB) will define new alternatives to the official paths of scientific research and publication processes, challenging the inequity of the current system of science, and to explore new paths from a study of a more egalitarian and fair science. They will reflect on the different existing discourses from women in science to current feminism, with the application of a research process with a gender perspective on the lives of livestock breeders and shepherdesses.

Ana Galarraga Aiestaran (Elhuyar Foundation) will explain, through practical examples, how to achieve inclusive communication in the field of scientific dissemination, both in written and audiovisual media. She will also present some points to bear in mind when organising events, in order to avoid gender discrimination and promote accessibility.

Researchers Violeta Cabello and Eva Alonso from BC3 will moderate the seminar. We will also have the special participation of Muxote Potolo Bat, who will make a graphic record.

About the lectures:

Federia Ravera has a degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Milano Bicocca, Italy, and a PhD in Environmental Sciences, specialising in Ecological Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Federica is currently a Ramon y Cajal researcher for the Department of Geography at the University of Girona.

Currently, her line of research is focused on the analysis of socio-institutional innovations, collective actions and the role of traditional and local knowledge in the adaptation to global environmental, cultural and socio-economic changes, especially in Mediterranean and high mountain agricultural and (silvo) pastoral systems. With a feminist political ecology perspective applied to adaptation and resilience studies, her research is oriented towards understanding the power dynamics that create inequalities, and the differential conditions that create new opportunities in the transformations of rural socio-ecological systems.

She is co-founder of the FRACTAL collective (http://colectivofractal.org).


Irene Iniesta has a degree in Biology from the Complutense University of Madrid and a PhD in Ecology from the Autonomous University of Madrid, she currently works at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona with a Juan de la Cierva Research Contract. In her research, she uses three main approaches in the field of nature-society interactions: the social-ecological systems perspective (common goods and collective action, ecosystem services, resilience), environmental feminisms (feminist political ecology, gender and environment) and political ecology (peasant studies, environmental conflicts).

She is currently training as a group facilitator with the Institute for Facilitation and Change (IIFAC-E) and is studying for a Diploma in Process Work at the School of Process Work in Barcelona.

She is co-founder of the FRACTAL collective (http://colectivofractal.org).


Ana Galarraga Aiestaran has developed her professional career as a science communicator in the Elhuyar foundation. She is editor of the magazine Elhuyar, a regular collaborator of various media, such as ETB or Euskadi Irratia, writes opinion columns, gives talks, participates in conferences and coordinates scientific communication events such as the CAF-Elhuyar awards.

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