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Klimagune Workshop 2017 “Climate change and public engagement”

May 31, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Klimagune Workshop 2017

Klimagune Workshop 2017, organised by BC3 and the University of the Basque Country, is an innovative science-policy forum for stakeholders interested in climate change, including scientists, managers at different scales, private companies, communication professionals, non-governmental organisations for the environment, society and development, and citizens in general. The purpose of this initiative is to share knowledge, projects and developments in terms of progress in science and practice, based on creating synergies and cooperation frameworks for different research groups, organisations and institutions who work in the Basque Country and beyond.

Klimagune Workshop 2017 “Climate change and public engagement” will analyse the challenges and opportunities of participating in climate change, drawing from years of experience in participating in sustainability. The aim of Klimagune is to foster a constructive dialogue to support the integration of scientific knowledge, management and social participation regarding climate change, overcoming disciplinary barriers and building a common vision.

The seventh edition of Klimagune Workshop boasts the noteworthy attendance of Jamie Clarke from Climate Outreach of Oxford (UK), a worldwide authority on participation and climate change, and author of the book Talking Climate, From Research to Practice in Public Engagement and Francisco Heras, a researcher with plenty of experience in participation, sustainability and climate change, from the Spanish Office for Climate Change, and author of several different scientific and dissemination publications in this field. Experts from academia and professionals from different institutions, such as Marian Barquín (Ihobe), Josu Benaito (Medio Ambiente de Donostia – Environment of San Sebastian), Miriam Arrizabalaga (Udalsarea), Zaloa Perez (Red de Economía Alternativa y Solidaria – Alternative and Collaborative Economy Network), Josu Larrínaga (Parte Hartuz) and Cristina Huertas (International Climate Change Congress), as well as other guest speakers, will debate about this complex issue around two round tables. The workshop will have several facilitators to organize a participatory process to identify how and with whom attendees can participate in climate change issues.

Full information at the website: Klimagune Workshop 2017