September 27, 2022

Las personas investigadoras de BC3 participan en Noche Europea de las y los Investigadores

Los investigadores e investigadoras de BC3 Neus Escobar, Agustín del Prado y Pablo Manzano participan en la nueva edición de Noche Europea organizado por UPV/EHU uno de los más grandes eventos de divulgación científica de Europa que este año tendrá lugar el 30 de septiembre entre las 17.00 a 21.30 en Campo de Volantin.
October 5, 2022

Why an EU framework for sustainable food is crucial for climate, biodiversity and competitiveness

In her plans for 2023 addressed to the EU Parliament, President of the EU Commission von der Leyen did not mention the proposal for a Sustainable Food System legislative framework (SFSF). This created speculation about the timeframe of this key proposal which has been put forward as a cornerstone of the EU Green Deal for the agri-food sector.
October 6, 2022

BC3 commits to new research and actions on marine biodiversity

Biodiversity loss is considered the second biggest challenge after Global Climate Change. This is why as many as sixteen projects funded by the European Commission this year are focused on the issue of marine biodiversity in the European Seas.
October 11, 2022

Halting deforestation from agricultural value chains

A new report presented in the Digital FAO-Global Landscapes Forum (GLF), Pre-COFO26 and the 8th World Forest Week 2022, on the role of governments for halting deforestation by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) uses data from a novel global database produced by BC3 and FAO.

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