October 11, 2022

Halting deforestation from agricultural value chains

A new report presented in the Digital FAO-Global Landscapes Forum (GLF), Pre-COFO26 and the 8th World Forest Week 2022, on the role of governments for halting deforestation by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) uses data from a novel global database produced by BC3 and FAO.
November 21, 2022

The recording of BC3’s side event at COP27 is now available!

On November 14, BC3, CEOE and Regions4 organised the side event “Strengthening the capacity to increase resilience to climate change in West Africa” at COP27 to discuss the serious impacts that the African region is suffering as a result of climate change.
December 9, 2022

UN Climate Change conference (COP27): What’s new?

As part of the Donostia Sustainability Forum, a special conference was held on “Climate Change Summit 2022 (COP27): What’s New” organised by BC3 and UIK on 24 November.The event, moderated by UPV/EHU professor and BC3 associate researcher Elisa Sainz de Murieta, had the following speaker lineup: BC3 Scientific Director María José Sanz, Spanish Climate Change Office Advisor to the Director of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge Teresa Solana, Regions4 Sustainable Development Climate Programme Manager Héloïse Chicou, and CEOE Industry, Energy, Environment and Climate Department Director Cristina Rivero. El evento, moderado por la profesora de la UPV/EHU e investigadora asociada de BC3 Elisa Sainz de Murieta, contó con la participación de la directora científica de BC3 María José Sanz, la asesora de la dirección de la Oficina Española de Cambio Climático del Ministerio para la transición ecológica y el reto demográfico Teresa Solana, la gerente del programa sobre clima de Regions4 Sustainable Development Héloïse Chicou, y la Directora del departamento de Industria, Energía, Medio Ambiente y Clima de la CEOE Cristina Rivero.
December 22, 2022

Congratulations to new BC3 PhD graduate Alessandro Silvestri

Dr Alessandro Silvestri graduated with a thesis entitled “The transition towards low-carbon mobility: policies measures and consumer behaviour” today at Sarriko's Faculty of Economics and Business (UPV/EHU).  Dr Silvestri has participated in the H2020 project Enable, as well as the La Caixa Fundation Enerpolis project. Dr Silvestri's thesis has been supervised by Professor Alberto Ansuategi Cobo (UPV/EHU) and Dr Sébastien Foudi (BC3).

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