Congratulations to new BC3 PhD graduate Alessandro Silvestri

Dr Alessandro Silvestri graduated with a thesis entitled “The transition towards low-carbon mobility: policies measures and consumer behaviour” today at Sarriko’s Faculty of Economics and Business (UPV/EHU).  Dr Silvestri has participated in the H2020 project Enable, as well as the La Caixa Fundation Enerpolis project. Dr Silvestri’s thesis has been supervised by Professor Alberto Ansuategi Cobo (UPV/EHU) and Dr Sébastien Foudi (BC3).


The aim of this thesis is to analyse behavioural implications of low carbon mobility transition measures in order to identify potential barriers to and enablers of the successful implementation of mobility policies. To that end, three different types of measure are analysed: the introduction of a new mobility-as-a-service alternative; travel demand management strategies to shift away from private vehicle use; and restrictions on the most polluting vehicles. The three studies cover a wide range of potential strategies that are being implemented to bring about low carbon mobility. The analysis contributes by highlighting several barriers that have previously been overlooked in the existing literature.

The main results of the chapters demonstrate the need for specific policy measures to ensure the integration of car-sharing and its complementarity with public transport. It is also highlighted that those most sensitive to negative transport externalities are the drivers of private vehicles themselves, which suggests that policies aimed at raising awareness among drivers and habit breaking strategies can facilitate the modal shift towards public transport use and active travel. Lastly, the importance of guaranteeing the stability and application of low emission zones for the most polluting private vehicles in order to maintain their effectiveness is shown.

Thesis Committee: 

Prof. Dr. Maria Angeles Cadarso Vecina (Universidad de Castilla-La-Mancha)

Prof. Dr. Ignacio Arto Olaizola (BC3)

Prof. Dr. Laura Onofri (Universita di Padova)

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