BC3 launches a pioneering guide for the design, organization and facilitation of climate citizens’ assemblies

BC3 presents in a simple and accessible document the actions, methodology, and other elements for the facilitation of climate citizens’ assemblies. Authored by facilitation experts from the Tangente Cooperative Group, Conchi Piñeiro and Laura Lucio González, and coordinated by BC3’s scientific director, Maria José Sanz, the guide has the collaboration of assembly members and experts from the Citizens’ Assembly for Climate (CAC).

“The collaboration of experts, assembly members and facilitators has been key in the development of this comprehensive tool. The guide, based on the experience of the CAC at the national level and other assemblies in Spain, addresses crucial topics from structure to communication of these assemblies in the context of the climate emergency.” (Maria José Sanz, guide coordinator, BC3 scientific director, and Ikerbasque professor)

As emphasized by the report’s authors, the CAC represented an exemplary demonstration of the climate common sense held by citizens, where all recommendations were approved with over 80% support.

The document, available in five languages (English, Spanish, Basque, Catalan, and Galician), details techniques and tools to facilitate these assemblies, ensuring greater accessibility of knowledge for the public. It also includes experiences and reflections carried out in events related to climate citizens’ assemblies throughout 2023.

“The CAC has been a pioneering process and the citizen commitment has gone beyond what was planned, even establishing the Civic Assembly for Climate Association, in which many assembly members continue their political advocacy.” (Conchi Piñeiro, co-author of the guide, expert facilitator of the Tangente Cooperative Group)

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