BC3 to support Alex Txikon and Team on New K2 Expedition

“BC3 to support Alex Txikon and Team on New K2 Expedition”

BC3 will participate on the WinterTopAppel expedition of mountaineer Alex Txikon, who seeks to scale the K2 summit in winter and thus become the first person to do so. K2 (8,611m) is the second-highest mountain on earth and the hardest to climb for that reason; and for running second in percentage of fatal accidents, it is known as “the Savage Mountain”.

The point is to use the expedition’s publicity to underscore the planet’s environmental problem through a series of pioneering initiatives, such as using solar panels and windmills to transmit the message that even an expedition such as this should be sensitive to the problems of climate change.

In line with the awareness of climate change effects, BC3 will participate in the expedition through the BALELUR project, which will field three scientists from the centre, intent on carrying out three objectives.

The first is to study the effect of climate change on the valley of the Baltoro glacier and its iconic K2 peak; the second, to get acquainted with regional residents’ perception of the phenomenon, its impact, and their means of adaptation; and the third, to analyse different communication strategies in terms of awareness-raising capacity on climate change over the social networks.For the purpose, a BC3 researcher will travel will travel with Alex Txikon’s team to conduct the fieldwork, including interviews, surveys and snow and ground sample-taking at different heights.

The collaboration between mountaineers and scientists is key to accessing snow sample collection at high altitudes and learning about the impact of global change in such places. Thanks to this project, BC3 seeks to contribute to knowledge of the causes and consequences of climate change in this type of highly vulnerable ecosystem.

Official WinterTopAppel expedition  press release: 29 11 2018 – Alex Txikon – Presentación Nueva Expedición 2019


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