April 16, 2020

La restauración de ecosistemas dañados requiere estrategias a largo plazo

Un estudio publicado en Nature Ecology & Evolution señala que un ecosistema degradado requiere una estrategia de restauración a largo plazo (de décadas o incluso siglos) para mejorar el comúnmente limitado éxito de la restauración. En el estudio han participado David Moreno-Mateos, investigador del BC3 y la Universidad de Harvard, y Asun Rodríguez-Uña, investigadora de BC3.
April 16, 2020

Article: The long-term restoration of ecosystem complexity

Multiple large-scale restoration strategies are emerging globally to counteract ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss. However, restoration often remains insufficient to offset that loss. To address this challenge, we propose to focus restoration science on the long-term (centuries to millennia) re-assembly of degraded ecosystem complexity integrating interaction network and evolutionary potential approaches. This approach provides insights into eco-evolutionary feedbacks determining the structure, functioning and stability of recovering ecosystems. Eco-evolutionary feedbacks may help to understand changes in the adaptive potential after disturbance of metacommunity hub species with core structural and functional roles for their use in restoration.

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