March 23, 2009

TEEB D0 – COPI II Workshop

Brusseles,Belgium,1st April,2009Dr. Aline Chiabai gave a speech with the title: "Extending the Review of Forest Ecosystem Services and Analysis of Other Biomes".
June 6, 2009

BC3-UPV/EHU Seminars: Economic Valuation of Forest Ecosystem Services: Methodology and Value

Aline ChiabaiResearch Professor in BC3Ecosystem services are expected to be strongly affected in the near future stressed by climate change. Far from being a mere accountability issue, the crucial issue under debate is the impact of this loss on the welfare of current and future populations, as well as wider ethical questions on the role of humans in the stewardship of the planet’s natural resources. The seminar will present the methodological framework for economic valuation of selected ecosystem services for world forest biomes and the potential total economic losses from policy inaction. Results suggest that any attempt to provide a monetary estimation of the services provided by the ecosystem still represents a very challenging task for researchers. On the one hand this task is made difficult due to the partial lack of original valuation studies that provide reliable estimates of the WTP for forest ecosystem values. On the other hand, the worldwide approach adopted here will need to be reinforced by taking into consideration uncertainty and a lack of information on local ecosystem conditions.
June 17, 2009

EAERE 2009

17th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.Prof. Anil Markandya presented a paper, was part of a panel discussion and was co-author of 3 other papers that were presented.Dr. Aline Chiabai participated with the paper "Economic Valuation of Forest Ecosystem Services: Methodology and Values".Dr. Elena Ojea gave the speech "Mapping of Forest Biodiversity Values: A Plural Perspective".Dr. Julia Martin-Ortega participated in the Water Pre-Conference with the European Association of Environment and Resource Economics with the paper "Modelling water security choices in the face of water scarcity in Southern Europe and test for transferability".
June 19, 2009

ISAAC International Conference “Promoting Cultural Heritage Trousim through Integrated e-Services”

Participatory Tools for Sustainable Cultural Tourism Management. Linking Local Cultural Identities with Web-Based City Services. Speech given by Dr. Aline Chiabai.

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