New podcast with BC3 scientific director María José Sanz on COP28 and sustainable food systems

Maria Jose Sanz, scientific director at BC3, recently shared her insights on COP28 and its implications for sustainable food systems in a podcast of the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), hosted by Krystyna Springer, Policy Analyst in the Land Use and Climate programme, and with Gillian Bowser, Associate Professor at the Colorado State University as the other interviewee.

The discussion, inspired by the latest developments at COP28, delved into the urgent need for action in addressing fossil fuels and aligning policies with scientific evidence.

Sanz highlighted the significance of COP28’s focus on sustainable food systems, underscoring the interconnectedness between food production and climate change, and emphasized the importance of translating ambitious goals into tangible actions, particularly within food production and consumption.

You can listen to the  podcast at:

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