“Leveraging Nature’s Values for Transformative Change: Insights from the IPBES Values Assessment”

There is a need for transformative change to address the nature crisis, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and incorporating diverse values of nature into decision-making processes.

A new special issue titled “Leveraging Nature’s Values for Transformative Change: Insights from the IPBES Values Assessment” and led by BC3 and Ikerbasque Professor Unai Pascual, and co-edited by Prof. Patricia Balvanera and Prof. Michael Christie explores the role of nature’s values in decision-making which have direct impacts on climate change and biodiversity, drawing insights from the IPBES Values Assessment.

The Values Assessment, approved in 2022 by the IPBES plenary, offers key insights into the diverse values of nature and their implications for environmental decision-making. This special issue complements the synthesis article linked to the IPBES Values Assessment, and delves into critical questions regarding the roles of values and valuation in driving transformative changes towards more just and sustainable futures.

In the face of the nature crisis, we are urged to reevaluate how we make political and economic decisions and, more importantly, how our everyday choices, based on our value systems, impact our relationship with nature. – Unai Pascual (Ikerbasque Professor at BC3)

Values-centered leverage points (VLPs) emerge as essential for urgent transformative changes. VLPs are interrelated and context-dependent, requiring a multifaceted approach to activate them effectively. Recognizing value plurality, integrating valuation into decision making process, reforming current institutions, and promoting sustainability-aligned values are essential for this transformative journey.

Activating these VLPs and fostering sustainability-aligned values at both individual and collective levels is essential for transformative change. – Unai Pascual (Ikerbasque Professor at BC3)

This special issue emphasizes the importance of reshaping societal norms to navigate pathways towards more just and sustainable pathways . It calls for concerted efforts across scales and sectors to create a more just and sustainable future for both humanity and the Planet.


Title: Leveraging the multiple values of nature for transformative change to just and sustainable futures — Insights from the IPBES Values Assessment

Link: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1877343523001069

Doi: j.cosust.2023.101359.

Authors: Pascual U, Balvanera P, Christine M.

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