OBServ – an innovative app to calculate pollination services worldwide

Today, May 20 marks World Bee Day and, to celebrate it, the OBServ project has launched an online and easy-to-use application that predicts the availability of wild pollinators in space and time at a global scale. 

The OBServ project (in short, Open library of pollinator Biodiversity and ecosystem Services scenarios) is an initiative coordinated by Doñana Biological Station (EBD-CSIC) in collaboration with BC3, CONICET in Argentina, and the Universities of Wageningen in the Netherlands, and Rutgers in the USAt Amongst other milestones, OBServ has successfully developed a groundbreaking platform for monitoring pollination services by using ARIES, the cutting-edge technology developed by researchers at BC3.

The OBServ project is an interdisciplinary effort that involves researchers and experts from different fields, including ecology, socialand data science. By developing an innovative monitoring system, the project aims to contribute to the conservation and management of wild pollinators, which play a crucial role in ecosystems conservation and agricultural productivity.

Learn more about the potential of the OBServ’s application by watching the video below!

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