BC3 Seminars /Prof. Kiichiro Hayashi and Makoto Oba

Demand and supply assessment of ecosystem services in the case of Japan”


Prof. Kiichiro Hayashi, Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability Division of Systems Research, Nagoya University, Japan.

Makoto Oba, Principal researcher of National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan.

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Following we detail the BC3 seminar that was lectured by Prof. Kiichiro Hayashi and Makoto Oba on the 5th September 2016 at BC3 offices.


This study focuses on the assessment of the provisioning potential of ecosystem services(ESs) and the demand assessment of ESs by GIS. The case study was conducted in Aichi prefecture, Japan, focusing on forest ESs. First, spatial distributions of forest ecosystem services were estimated by using process models at regional-scale. The process-based ecosystem model predicts quantitatively material cycles and growth of biomass with change of forest management. Second the demand and beneficiary spatial distributions were estimated by several questionnaire surveys. The study site included not only source forest towns but also surrounding municipalities for beneficiary distribution mapping. Third these results were overlying by utilizing GIS. After overlaying each ES map, the ES demand and supply relation were studied. Based on the results, a low-carbon policy can be suggested for promoting energy-use of woody biomass and carbon stock of buildings in socio-system.

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