Call to participate in Survey on Urban Climate Adaptation Finance

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Bilbao, — 29-11-2022 — In collaboration with the EU Covenant of Mayors and Joint Research Centre (JRC), researchers from the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) and Barcelona Lab for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability (BCNUEJ) have launched a survey on the experiences of EU local governments on funding urban climate adaptation. The survey is part of the NAVIS research project, which is supported by Spain’s La Caixa Foundation and aims to better understand how local authorities fund climate adaptation in light of their climate vulnerability needs.

The survey responses will be complemented with interviews in order to identify financing patterns and critically assess how financial interests and conditions influence climate adaptation planning. One of the outputs of the research project will be a policy brief that will help inform local authorities on how to ensure equitable financing of climate adaptation. This policy brief, as well as the outcomes of the survey and research project, will be shared with the participants of the survey once they become available.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and is available in English, French, Spanish, and Italian. The submission deadline is Friday, December 23. Responses will be completely anonymous and confidential. Those who complete the survey and provide their email address will receive resources and reading materials that can be used to identify funding opportunities for climate adaptation projects.

The survey is being conducted by La Caixa INPhINIT Fellow Kayin Venner of the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) and Barcelona Lab for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability (BCNUEJ) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. The Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) is an Excellence Research Centre located in Bilbao, Spain. BC3 is devoted to advancing scientific knowledge of climate change causes and impacts that support and contribute to better-informed policy-making. The Barcelona Lab for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability (BCNUEJ) is a groundbreaking research laboratory carrying out comparative and interdisciplinary research, developing new teaching methods and courses, and promoting learning on justice and inclusion for planning sustainable, green, and healthy cities.

For more information or questions, please contact us at or For media inquiries, please contact the communication manager of BC3 at

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