The recording of BC3’s side event at COP27 is now available!

On November 14, BC3, CEOE and Regions4 organised the side event “Strengthening the capacity to increase resilience to climate change in West Africa” at COP27 to discuss the serious impacts that the African region is suffering as a result of climate change. Speakers talked about the need to change lifestyles and the importance of collaboration between regions and different actors to face these impacts.

Nature-based solutions can play a key role in climate change adaptation and building resilience in landscapes and communities in West Africa. Examples like allowing forests to regrow, restoring coastal wetlands, and switching to restorative agricultural practices, such as cover crop rotation can really make a difference in increasing resilience to climate change in the African region. (María José Sanz, BC3 Scientific Director)

Financing was also one of the main topics addressed during the event. The use of standards and a common language could help unlock private sector investments and boost financing for adaptation and loss and damage, according to the session’s panellists. Watch the full video recording of the BC3’s side event in the video below!

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