Halting deforestation from agricultural value chains

A new report presented in the Digital FAO-Global Landscapes Forum (GLF), Pre-COFO26 and the 8th World Forest Week 2022,  on the role of governments for halting deforestation by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) uses data from a novel global database produced by BC3 and FAO. The database, also introduced in the GLF, based on Multi-regional input-output techniques and on FAO datasets, tracks resource flows (land, water, carbon) along global supply chains of more than 650 agricultural products and 20 wood products across 181 countries, and can be used to explore several topics, such as drivers of land use change or the resource footprint of nations.

This figure, elaborated by BC3 MRIO and the authors of the report using FAO data, shows the flows of cacao cropland embedded in trade (ha) for 2019

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