BC3 contribute in COP25 to different events and platform as admitted observer organization

BC3 is an admitted observer organization at Conference of the Parties. Since 2010 BC3 has been playing an active role at COPs with a variety of contributions. UN agencies, admitted observer organizations and those Parties that partner with observers present their work or foster discussions on key issues, often engaging the audience in a Q&A session.

BC3 will contribute in COP25 to different events and platform for admitted observer organizations, which have limited speaking opportunities in the formal negotiations, to engage with Parties and other participants for knowledge sharing, capacity building, networking and exploring actionable options for meeting the climate challenge.


BC3 agenda:

Thursday, 5th of December:


“The role of ruminants on climate change mitigation: the good and the bad”

Spanish Pavilion – Side events schedule COP25. Booth 8B02 (10:00-11:30) Zona Azul.

Monday, 9th of December:


“Climate Change Adaptation and Risk Management in a Multi-Level Governance Context”

Room5, IFEMA, COP25.


“The macro case for climate-related investment: some figures for Spain”

Spanish Pavilion – Side events schedule COP25. Booth 8B02, Blue Zone.


“Financing climate action. The responsibility of the regions and the private sector”

Espacio Diálogo. Green zone.

Monday, 11th of December:

“Planetary Health: A Balance between the Welfare of the Planet and that of Human Beings”

Ágora – Green Zone COP25, IFEMA

Monday, 12th of December:



“Missions in Horizon Europe: design and impact by and for the Spanish society. panel ministry of science, innovation”

IFEMA – Green Zone

“Connecting scientific knowledge to implement the PA: The value of trust in international climate research cooperation”

Italian Pavilion: 6pm-8pm

Wednesday, 13th of December:



“How tourist islands face the challenges of climate change: clean energy, adaptation and innovation”

Green Zone

The “Turquoise Space” of COP25 will culminate its work on Friday the 13th, gathering the state of the negotiations and transmitting ideas, proposals and feelings to governments from civil society


Blue Zone

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