BC3´s Official Side Event at COP22 (November 17)

What are the official Side Events at COP22

Official side events are a platform for admitted observer organizations, which have limited speaking opportunities in the formal negotiations, to engage with Parties and other participants for knowledge sharing, capacity building, networking and exploring actionable options for meeting the climate challenge. 

UN agencies, admitted observer organizations and those Parties that partner with observers present their work or foster discussions on key issues, often engaging the audience in a Q&A session.

The official side event program for COP 22/CMP 12/CMA 1 contain over 200 events focused on major issues in the Convention process.The full schedule is available here: Full Schedule of Side Events at COP22

BC3 is an admitted observer organization that organizes Side Events at COP.

Since 2010 BC3 has been playing an active role at COPs with a variety of contributions.

This year, 2016 BC3 will be contributing to different Side Events at COP22 (see full BC3 Agenda at COP22 here) and has organized its own Side Event jointly with the Government of El Salvador with the objetive of Transfering Knowledge and promoting implementation.

Sustainable development priorities of highly sensitive regions to Climate Change in Latin America: Appropriate orchestration of Adaptation and Mitigation actions


Theme of the Side Event

Integrating mitigation and adaptation actions offers significant opportunities to reach sustainable development goals. Well-known experts and practitioners will highlight some approaches to reduce Climate Change vulnerability and the orchestration of Adaptation and Mitigation actions, aiming to offer better opportunities to meet the Sustainable Development goals.

Keynote Speakers


13:15-13:30    NDC and the development priorities in the tropical region most sensitive to climate change
Ms. Lina Pohl, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Government of El Salvador

13:30-15:45    Facing Climate Change: Integrating Adaptation and Mitigation
Prof. Maria José Sanz, Scientific Director of BC3(Basque Centre for Climate Change)

13:45-14:00    Promoting Mitigation. Energy efficiency in Public building´s NAMA
Mr. Luis Reyes,  Director of the National Energy Board of the Government of El Salvador

14:00-14:10    Questions



14:10-14:18   Coping with climate change in the Central American Dry Corridor
Mr. Jorge Quezada, National Focal Point to the UN Convention on Desertification, UNCCD

14:18-14:26    RegionsAdapt: a tool for Latin American subnational governments
Mr. Joan França, RegionsAdapt Project Manager

14:26-14:34    Taiwan´s Innovative strategies to cope with climate change
Mr. Chung-Huang Huang, Vice President, Taiwan Research Institute

14:34-14:45    Questions

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