COP25: “The role of ruminants on climate change mitigation: the good and the bad”

Spanish Pavilion

The objective of the event panel is to discuss about the role of ruminants livestock systems on delivering low-carbon pathways, taking into account the different world contexts. This panel will bring together and discuss different new scientific/technical information to enhance the societal understanding of the real challenges and opportunities that grass-fed livestock systems (ruminants) have in the face of climate change mitigation. Participants will have an opportunity to also gather new evidence that updates current GHG estimates for ruminants (based on IPCC methodologies), explores new GHG reference baselines and the link of different emissions pathways with future global warming, while disscusion on how society percives the issue of livestock contribution to climate change through the eyes of an enviroemental journalist.

The macro case for climate-related investment: some figures for Spain

Spanish Pavilion

• Ana de la Cueva, Secretary of State of Economy, Ministry of Economy and Business
• Luis Martí, General Director for Economic Policy, Ministry of Economy and Business
• Mikel González, Basque Center for Climate Change (BC3)

Highlight the potential macroeconomic benefits of a vigorous investment program to prevent climate change.

Financing climate action. The responsibility of the regions and the private sector

Espacio Diálogo, Green Zone , Spain

High level event organized by Euskadi within the Official Green Agenda +25. The event will be opened with an institutional welcome from the Minister of Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing of the Basque Government D. Iñaki Arriola and Ministry of Ecological Transition.
It is structured in 2 sessions that will be introduced by 2 previous conferences. The first from the regional perspective of climate finance and the second from the perspective of the Private Sector.-

Climate Change Adaptation and Risk Management in a Multi-Level Governance Context

Room5 , IFEMA, COP25 Venue

In the framework of the COP25, this side event will discuss the topics of climate change adaptation and disaster risk financing as a multi-level governance challenge. Organised by Regions4 Sustainable Development, in collaboration with the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) and the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII), it will highlight good practices and experiences from different levels of government. It will further reveal common challenges and provide recommendations for policymakers that could guide the development and implementation of national, regional and local adaptation plans and strategies.

Gathering 2 #CAÑASCOP

Café del Espejo (Paseo Recoletos, 31)

Madrid hosts from December 2 to 13 the XXV Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, also known as the United Nations Annual Climate Summit, or COP25. The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) joins this celebration with several activities in different areas of the city.

Espacio Turquesa, Culminación de COP25

El "Espacio Turquesa" de la COP25 culminara su trabajo el viernes día 13 recogiendo el estado de las negociaciones y transmitiendo a los gobiernos ideas, propuestas y sensaciones de parte de la sociedad civil