BC3 Seminar: What is the future of the Paramos in a warmer world?

BC3-Basque Centre for Climate Change Sede Building 1, 1st floor, Scientific Park of the University of the Basque Country, Leioa, Bizkaia, Spain

Climate models predict that the temperature will increase between 2 and 5 ° C over the next 50 years impacting ecosystems, biodiversity, and carbon dynamics. Of particular interest are high mountain ecosystems such as Páramo that stores large amounts of organic carbon in their soil and are home to many endemic species vulnerable to climate change. An increase in temperature in this ecosystem could accelerate the decomposition of organic matter in the soil and thus increase the release of carbon, which in turn could feed back the greenhouse effect and help to increase the global temperature

Climate Change: Africa gets ready!

Koopsf34 Plaza de la Cantera 4, Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain

Africa is identified by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as one of the region's most vulnerable to climate variability and climate change due to multiple stresses and low adaptive capacity. Impacts in Africa include increased water stress; reduced agricultural yields and areas suitable for crop agriculture; decreased freshwater fisheries; and impacts of sea level rise. Particularly vulnerable are semi-arid and arid areas of Africa.

10 anniversary celebration with the Basque Government

The directors of the 3 BERC centres which are celebrating their 10 years anniversary (BC3, BCAM and BCBL), are having private reception with the President of the Basque Regional Government (Lehendakari)

100xCiencia.3 – Bridging Science and Society

CNIO Melchor Fernández Almagro, Madrid, Spain

The subject of this year’s event will underscore the importance of scientific education, citizen science and the participation of society in the present and future of science. The 100xciencia.3, co-organized by CNIO and SOMMa, will gather SOMMa members and external participants to share ongoing projects on science education, citizen science and public engagement that can encourage society and us to continue working together

#InheritYourFuture Forum


Healthy and sustainable lifestyles for all?Zoom in on good practices for sustainable lifestyles and health equity across Europe and shape the future you want to inherit!After three years of investigation societal trends and inter-sectoral European practices, the #InheritYourFuture Forum will promote successful practices and introduce four achievable future scenarios for Europe in 2040.We invite you to MuseumsQuartier in Vienna on 21 November 2018. Practice leaders will showcase inspiring examples that successfully benefit health, the environment and equity-achieving the INHERIT triple-win.

COP 24 – Side Event: Implementation on non-state climate policies and targets

COP 24 Katowice, Poland

Regional governments, cities, businesses and others are committing to ambitious climate targets and policies, both in adaptation and mitigation. The challenge is how to implement them effectively and increase ambition. We will discuss recent developments and ways forward in non-state action.

Espacio Turquesa, Culminación de COP25

El "Espacio Turquesa" de la COP25 culminara su trabajo el viernes día 13 recogiendo el estado de las negociaciones y transmitiendo a los gobiernos ideas, propuestas y sensaciones de parte de la sociedad civil

2020 European Mobility Week

BC3 – Basque Centre for Climate Change participates at the 2020 European Mobility Week. Since 2002, EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK has sought to improve public health and quality of life through promoting clean mobility and sustainable urban transport.