December 14, 2016

BC3 Seminars: “How decision analysis theory can be used for river management”

Dr. Simone Langhans Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Berlin, Germany River assessment and management are challenges to scientists and practitioners alike. Rivers, being highly complex ecosystems, are difficult to characterize with adequate indicators and predicting outcomes of river management actions are, therefore, sophisticated and affected by large uncertainty. Moreover, many stakeholders with potentially diverging interests are involved or affected by river management decisions. Although different approaches to river assessment and management exist, there is a need for a concept that accounts for these difficulties. Decision analysis theory provides appropriate techniques for developing an integral river management concept. In this talk, I will explain the different elements of such a river management concept, i.e. objectives, results of river state assessment, potential management actions, and predictions of system response to management actions, and illustrate the details with different examples from Switzerland and New Zealand.

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