February 18, 2021

“When you don’t know if something is extremely urgent, it’s left for last”

Marta Olazabal, researcher at BC3 – Basque Centre for Climate Change, has been interviewed in the Basque newspaper Berria about her latest publication with María Ruiz de Gopegui “Adaptation planning in large cities is unlikely to be effective” inLandscape and Urban Planning . Researcher Olazabal explains the reasons for the main conclusions of the study such as the world’s largest cities are not adequately preparing to face the impacts of climate change. An article written by Igor Susaeta.
February 12, 2021

11F – Women and girls in Climate Change Science

On 11 February BC3 organized a special event to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science “Women and girls in Climate Change Science”. This event has the aim to show high school students the possibility of a career in climate change research is a professional option in the Basque Country and a reality for women.
February 11, 2021

Impact of science on the economy

María José Sanz, scientific director of the multidisciplinary centre BC3 - Basque Centre for Climate Change, has been interviewed at the "International Day of Women and Girls in Science" in the Basque newspaper Deia. In this interview, Sanz analyzes the impact that science should have in the areas of our society and emphasizes that we should also study how it will be implemented and what social impacts it may have on society.
February 5, 2021

BC3 collaborates in the new updated report on the impacts of Climate Change in Spain

The BC3 - Basque Centre for Climate Change has collaborated on the updated report on the impacts of Climate Change in Spain. The study has been coordinated by the Spanish Climate Change Office in Spain, under the Ministry for Ecological Transition. It is part of the European Life Shara programme to raise awareness of climate change adaptation. A group of 17 scientists, led by BC3 scientific director María José Sanz, have identified the 35 specific risks for Spain that must be addressed urgently
February 3, 2021

The potential land requirements and related land use change emissions of solar energy

In the current global energy transition where the world´s energy needs are increasingly met by renewable energy instead of fossil energy, the role of solar energy is rapidly growing. Due to the abundance of sunlight reaching the Earth, the theoretical potential of solar energy is enormous, and the costs of technologies that convert solar energy into power have been decreasing 5 to 10-fold in the past decade.
January 28, 2021

‘Tenemos que frenar el cambio climático mientras nos preparamos para adaptamos a él’

Elisa Sainz de Murieta, investigadora del BC3 - Basque Centre for Climate Change: Klima Aldaketa Ikergai ha sido entrevista sobre la reciente Cumbre de Adaptación al Clima que se ha celebrado los días 25 y 16 de enero en Los Países Bajos. Durante la entrevista Sainz de Murieta ha destacado la necesidad de tomar medidas para hacer frente al Cambio Climático. Además a subrayado son necesarias tanto las medidas de mitigación y como de adaptación,  a nivel local y a nivel global.
January 18, 2021

BC3 becomes member of Think Sustainable Europe

BC3 – Basque Centre for Climate Change interdisciplinary research centre becomes new member of Think Sustainable Europe, the network of European sustainability think tanks. For the BC3 Scientific Director María José Sanz been part of “Think Sustainable Europe represents a coalition of leading institutes across Europe that can collectively offer a space for discovering transdisciplinary and more coherent solutions for the environmental and socio-economic challenges and for the promotion of transformative changes that the EU and its Member States are facing,”.
January 14, 2021

Por un fondo ‘verde’ que nos beneficia a todos

Los investigadores del centro multidisciplinar BC3 – Basque Centre for Climate Change Mikel González – Eguino y Xaquín García Muros han publicado un articulo de opinión donde analizan el impacto al cambio a las energías renovables que traerá a la economía Española en el periódico La Vanguardia.
January 13, 2021

“No podemos permitirnos tener viviendas mal aisladas, es tan prioritario como cambiar a renovables”

María José Sanz, directora científica del centro multidisciplinar BC3 – Basque Centre for Climate Change, ha sido entrevista por la agencia Sinc sobre los fenómenos climáticos extremos, cada vez más frecuentes en España, y su relación con el cambio climático a raíz de la tormenta Filomena. A lo largo de la entrevista, la investigadora Sanz ha querido subrayar que los estudios del clima ya estaban pronosticando estos eventos extremos tanto de olas de frio como de calor.
January 12, 2021

It is not enough

Marta Olazabal, a researcher from Basque Centre for Climate Change multidisciplinary research centre, has published a new article in Basque newspaper Berria "It is not enough". Olazabal, analyze if cities are prepared against climate emergency and if their adaptation plans are enough to handle the situation. This article is part of the collaboration that BC3 has started with the newspaper Berria in 2021.

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