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December 2017

BC3 Seminar: “Dimensionality reduction for the ocean wave dynamics”

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The large amount of spatiotemporal data used in ocean wave modelling can be analysed by dimensionality reduction techniques. Firstly, the use of empirical orthogonal functions and singular value decomposition show how global predictions of ocean waves can be better understood. In particular, it is seen that the total wave field obtained from wave model simulations can be reduced into a few dominant modes expressing [...]

BC3 Seminar: “Role of Antarctic and Arctic Ice in Climate Change”

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Land based Antarctic and Greenland ice and Arctic sea ice cover a significant fraction of the Earth's surface, and its high albedo means that much of the solar energy reaching its surface is reflected back into the atmosphere. Ice sheet and sea ice dynamics are therefore a component of a climate change model which involves the interaction of ocean and atmosphere, of ocean and [...]

BC3 Seminar: “Un-Sustainable Intensification of Livestock Production”

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Livestock production has increased twofold in the last 50 years, and this trend will continue in the near future. Intensification through the genetics, feeding and management improvements is behind this livestock boom. This intensification process has broken the link between animal feed production regions and livestock production areas worldwide. Moreover, most of this productive increase is driven by monogastric animals (pigs and poultry) who [...]

BC3 Seminar: “Tracking water use and carbon uptake in a global change scenario: bridging scales and approaches”

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The terrestrial biosphere has the ability to partially mitigate climate change as it can counterbalance anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, to a certain extent. However, this ability is in turn constraint by climate change. To predict future biosphere-climatic feedbacks we need a better understanding of the impact of climate change on the key underlying processes regulating the exchange of carbon, water and nutrients in the [...]

November 2017

BC3 Seminar: “Carbon footprint of human settlements in Spain”

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The role of towns and their inhabitants in fighting climate change is becoming increasingly important (Shi et al., 2016). In this context, we propose to apply a multi-regional input-output model to study the evolution of the carbon footprint for Spanish households as determined by the different type of settlement. This study analyses the household carbon footprint as a function of the municipality’s population size, [...]

BC3 Seminar: “Integrated Design and Analysis for Sustainable Energy Systems”

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UN Sustainable Development Goals set 17 goals to transform our world which include ‘affordable and clean energy’ in No. 7 and ‘sustainable cities and communities’ in No. 11 to be achieved in 15 years. Paris agreement set by UNFCCC implies zero carbon emissions toward the year 2050.
Conventional energy system requires drastic and consistent changes based on an ideal design which satisfies multiple energy [...]

October 2017

BC3 Seminar: “Losses and inefficiencies in the global food system”

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Losses throughout the food system influence the extent to which the nutritional requirements of a growing global population can be sustainably met, with inefficiencies in agricultural production and consumer behaviour all playing a role.

BC3 Seminars “Bio-economic modelling in European agroforestry systems”

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Sustainable agroforestry can support EU policy goals for a greener economy by improving the competitiveness of agriculture and forestry, the quality of the environment, rural life, and climate change resilience.

June 2017

BC3 Seminars: Beyond Quantum Biomimetics

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Javier Martinez

I will divide the presentation in two main parts. The first one is an overview about my work during the PhD along the line of Quantum Biomimetics. This concept, englobes a set of quantum algorithms designed to emulate specific biological properties or processes at a quantum scale. Afterwards, I will cover the main ideas in the field of complex networks, and include a [...]

May 2017

BC3-UPV/EHU Seminars: “Groundwater Management in a Food Security Context”

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Prof. Jean-Christophe Pereau
University of Bordeaux

This article analyzes the sustainability of market-based instruments such as tradable permits for the management of a renewable aquifer used for irrigated agriculture. In our dynamic hydro-economic model, a water agency aims at satisfying a food security constraint within a tradable permit scheme in the presence of myopic heterogeneous agents.
We identify analytically the viability kernel that defines the [...]

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