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martxoa 2020

BC3 Seminar: Accelerating America’s Pledge: Going All-In to Build a Prosperous, Low-Carbon Economy for the United States

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A globally sufficient response to climate change will require new models of organization, coalition building, and implementation in which rapid decarbonization at the national level will be rooted in actions initiated by a diverse range of actors. The United States provides a window into how the diversification of climate action across actors can drive changes in emissions.

abendua 2019

BC3 Seminar: “Pueblos y Nacionalidades Indígenas” of the Ecuadorian Amazon, Shuar, Achuar, Zápara and Quichuas

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Accelerated climate change, especially since the last half of the twentieth century, is an additional challenge for the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, who depend directly on the resources of the territory. These include subsystems like agriculture (itinerant, semi itinerant and localized) art of hunting, art of fishing and silviculture. The space where humans unify themselves with nature (abiotic and biotic) allows the weaving [...]

CANCELLED | BC3 Seminar: Ecological implications of plants phenotypic plasticity

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Different lines of evidence suggest that divergence in plasticity plays a key role in adaptation to global environmental change. Many scientists argue that genetic variation in plastic responses to the environment (G × E) could be an important predictor of species' vulnerabilities to climate change. But there is not a general pattern among either experimental or theoretical studies. Plasticity acting at the level of [...]

azaroa 2019

BC3 Seminar: European forest ecosystem dynamics mapped from space

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Increasing mortality has been reported for many forests across Europe, but exact rates and trends remain poorly quantified. We tackle this lack of knowledge by using satellite data for quantifying and mapping rates and trends in forest mortality across Europe.

BC3 Seminar: Can co-creation of (students of) the arts and sciences enhance public climate-consciousness?

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One of the most challenging aspects of the Anthropocene and ongoing climate change is the aspect of change. Environments change, we change environments, so now humanity needs to change. Change our perceptions of the planet and the self, our research and working methods, our idiom and visual narratives, and also teaching methods. Drawing from experiences of artists collective Satellietgroep and the educational pilot project [...]

urria 2019


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Klima aldaketari aurre egiteko behi okela jatea utzi behar dugu? Hausnarkarien inpaktuak Ingurumenean nola neurtzen dira? Informazioa nola zabaltzen dugu? Eta nola interpretatzen da?

Urriaren 28an, BC3n galdera hauen inguruan arituko gara Pablo Manzano (Helsinki Unibertsitatea), Agustin del Prado (BC3) eta ikerketa zentroko beste ikertzaile batzuekin.

Jardunaldiaren helburua, era pausatu batean, behi okelaren kontsumoaren inguruan sortu diren polemika desberdinen inguruan haritzea da eta honek ingurumenean duen inpaktuaz.

BC3 Seminar: Which fossil fuel prices promote innovation in electricity generation? Evidence before and after the shale gas revolution

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We evaluate the heterogeneous roles of fossil fuel prices on fossil fuel and renewable energy innovation in the electricity sector. Our analysis of a global firm-level electricity patent database from 1963 to 2016 suggests the relative impact of coal and natural gas prices on renewable innovation varies before and after the early 2000s’ shale gas revolution. Specifically, an increase in the coal-natural gas price [...]

iraila 2019

BC3 Seminar: Challenges of EU Agriculture facing Climate Change: Economic Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies

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Overview of quantitative work done by the lecturer in the last few years with different modelling tools to better understand the economic impacts of combating climate change. It includes the analysis of unilateral (e.g. emission targets) and multilateral policies (e.g. carbon taxation) and the promotion of climate change mitigation technologies (e.g. smart agriculture).

BC3 Seminar: An integrated approach for the estimation of agricultural drought costs

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: This study proposes a novel method to assess the overall economic effects of agricultural droughts using a coupled agronomic-economic approach that accounts for the direct and indirect impacts of this hazard in the economy. This methodology is applied to Italy, where years showing different drought severity levels were analysed. Agricultural drought stress was measured using the fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (fAPAR).

maiatza 2019

BC3 Seminar: Ecosystem Services, Climate Change, and the Environmentalists’ Paradox

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The latest IPBES report warns us of ongoing biodiversity collapse. The Ecosystem Services framework suggests that this will seriously affect human well-being. But policy-makers do not seem to respond with any great alacrity to these warnings. Some skeptics even point to rising human well-being as an indication that the claims linking nature and well-being are exaggerated.

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