6 ekaina, 2024

Congratulations to new BC3 PhD graduate Ester Galende

Dr Ester Galende graduated with a thesis entitled “Our future, our voice. Exploring the role of citizen participation for transformative and just climate policies in the EU” today at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
11 ekaina, 2024

IKERTALENT 2024 – Two PhD Positions

The Basque Centre for Climate Change is a host institution of the Ikertalent 2024 program – Grants for supporting research and technical staff in the scientific-technological and business fields in the agricultural, fisheries and food sectors.
21 ekaina, 2024

BC3ko zuzendariak Zientzia Aholkularitzako Bulego Nazionalaren (ONAC) aurkezpenean parte hartu du

María José Sanz BC3ko zuzendari zientifikoak Aholkularitza Zientifikoko Bulego Nazionalaren (ONAC) aurkezpen ofizialean parte hartu zuen atzo. Espainiako Gobernuko presidente Pedro Sanchez eta Zientzia, Berrikuntza eta Unibertsitate ministro Diana Morant izan ziren Ikerketa Zientifikoen Kontseilu Gorenaren (CSIC) egoitza nagusian, Madrilen.
24 ekaina, 2024

BC3 wraps up a successful international conference on Big Data and Climate Change

Last week, Bilbao was the centre of attention for more than 200 experts from over 40 countries who gathered for the 8th International Conference on Big Data and Data Science for Official Statistics. From June 10-14, this significant event, organized by the UN’s Statistics Division (UN DESA) in collaboration with BC3, the Basque Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation, INE, and EUSTAT, focused on using big data to inform climate change and sustainable development policies.

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